About Clare Oasis

Clare Oasis is an inclusive faith-based organization engaged in significant public-benefit programs, services and activities.

We are committed to: Building Partnerships; Building Dreams; Building a Better World.

In March 2010, Clare Oasis initiated a project to expand its mission to include becoming a multi-tenant nonprofit organization. The Business Strategy includes: Purchasing land; Building a Green State-of-the-Art multi-tenant nonprofit center which will provide a healthy, efficient, mission-enhancing workspace for nonprofits and will become a sustainable center for strength for the community to dream together, work together, grow together and enjoy together.

The steps to success will include expanding Clare Oasis’ services and business model while broadening its geographic footprint by establishing a strong reputation for excellence among nonprofits and funding sources.

Our Mission

Clare Oasis is a nonprofit, tax exempt, charitable organization. Our mission is two-fold:

~ To become a State of the Art, Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Center which cultivates, nurtures and sustains the organizational and collaborative capacity of nonprofits by providing affordable, attractive office space accompanied by shared supportive services;
~ To become a center for the community which respects, empowers and celebrates the individual by providing educational, inspirational and social opportunities to build dreams, enhance livability and build a better world.

Our Vision

To excel at building partnerships linking people, services and experiences.
Our center will provide our clients a welcoming, affordable, safe, eco-friendly and sustainable mission-enhancing workspace.

We will promote collaborative work and volunteer environments for streamlined non-profit management and enhanced access to shared resources.